Each Reality is an Archipelago
is an extension of the exhibition The Shadow Means It's Real
by Homie House Press at Stevenson University, Baltimore, MD.

The video's title is taking insipiration from Édouard Glissant's quote
"[...] living means to wander from one island to another [...].
Every identity is in relationship to another, it is only in the relationship with the other that I grow up, without distorting myself. Each story refers to another and flows into another".

The video is documenting two disruptive public actions which took place in Baltimore on 26th Feb 2019.

The 1st action consists in hanging James Cadle's Earth Flag.

The Earth Flag is yet an unknown one, although the power of its design is stronger than ever: it's maybe the only flag where the world is contained in a bigger scenario.Here the world is put in relation with Others. Other as the planets Earth is surrounded by, some bigger some smaller, and it represents a metaphor of the ability to regain the power of confrontation, the ability to devote to the Other - the non-self, as also Byung-Chul Han, the contemporary South Korean philosopher explains in "The Other's Expulsion".
Wave a flag of Earth on the streets, as a freedom manifesto, means to re-appropriate public spaces, share symbols of unity and spread the diy culture.The flag has been hand sewn by me and the Earth Flag design is also a public domain image since 2003, it belongs to us all ... so feel free to keep sharing it.

The 2nd action consists in pasting up on the main street of Baltimore the artwork
Trionfo di Bacco e Arianna

Alongside the artwork we pasted QR codes that send back to the exhibition's open invitation.
These actions aim to engage people from all over the city.

A project by Noura Tafeche in collaboration with Homie House Press
Filmed by Caterina Ragg
Edited by Caterina Ragg and Noura Tafechehe
Artworks by Noura TafecheA big big thanks to Tanya Garcia, Chris Metzger, Adriana Monsalve, Caterina Ragg

Music Credits
Madlib - That's the Way It's Gonna Be Instrumental
J Dilla - It's Your World Instrumental