Los Globos Artivistas

20th June 2017

Happy Rebellion! Felicidades! Party Time!
The meaning belongs to the sense of celebration of new forms of
political, artistic, relational and personal struggle.
Maybe it's not just a cliché, like a happy birthday and a happy new year, that we feel the need to celebrate something, I would like the wish for a happy and prompt revolution, personal or collective, can become a possibility, a manifestation of solicitude and mutual enjoyment.


Photo Courtesy by Caterina Ragg

Special thanks to Alessandro

Pictures taken during Princess Nokia / L I M / MYSS KETA concert @ Circolo Magnolia, Milan

Los Globos Artivistas is a series of flying balloons operating as street installations for the resistance.
There is a particular memory from my childhood's fondness that has extended to  adulthood : balloons.
The idea came to me when I realized I was too slow to paint graffiti on a street wall without getting caught.

If there will be an insurrection, I wish for a happy and joyfulone.

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