Los Globos Artivistas
Palestina in Ognuno di Noi

25th April 2018

I debuted the project  Los Globos Artivistas during the demonstration of April 25th, 2017,
we have paraded alongside the Palestinian Liberation Movement.
A year later we celebrate the Resistance of Palestine.

A Palestine in All of Us.

Photo Courtesy by Caterina Ragg

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The physical and metaphorical liberation of Palestine is a matter of existentialism, which transcends the concept of nation.
The fate of Palestine will impact on everyone, as well as the fight for a global justice belongs to everyone.
Let's not allow dangerous fantasies to overcome on unfairness.

If Palestine will triumph, global justice will follow.

The message delivered by the installation - Palestina in Ognuno di Noi can be translated as
There is a Palestine in All of Us, that dwells inside of us.

The wind blew strong that day and some balloons burst.
We paraded for 3 hours from Porta Venezia to Piazza del Duomo

A big thank to the great team that supported this huge installation :
Caterina, Donatella, Elena, Nur, Lara, Samarkand, Yaser,
Luca, Marta, Martino,  Lilo, Gala, Tareq, Sami, Amal, Khader, Mikal, Margherita,
Adriana, Homie House Press, Elena, Wasim, Ahmad, Murad, Wasim, Laura e Dirar.

Nothing would have been possible without you

The initial sketch
Later opted for the Italian version

Palestina in Ognuno di Noi
Palestine in All of Us
has been featured in The Shadow Means It’s Real Exhibition’s Catalogue

Los Globos Artivistas is a series of flying balloons operating as street installations for the resistance.
There is a particular memory from my childhood's fondness that has extended to  adulthood : balloons.
The idea came to me when I realized I was too slow to paint graffiti on a street wall without getting caught.