Los Globos Artivistas

20th May 2017

Los Globos Artivistas is celebrating Tout-Monde, in homage to Edouard Glissant,
the great Martinican writer, poet and political activist.
Tout-Monde is the title of one of Édouard Glissant's books, that speaks of the corals of cultures, landscapes, human beings in presence and in relation to one another.
During this occasion the balloons have been accompanied by my handmade flag of Earth,
formerly designed by the farmer James Cadle in 1970, representing our blue planet, yellow sun,
white moon and black universe.
Since 2003 the flag belongs to public domain.

Los Globos Artivistas / Tout-Monde took place during the street parade 20 Maggio Senza Muri
in the city of Milan - 100,000 people took the streets to say
no human is illegal, borders are mere consumeristic products of our mind,

and borders are forcing us to forget what art, imagination and empathy are.

Photo Courtesy by  Caterina Ragg

Los Globos Artivistas is a series of flying balloons operating as street installations for the resistance.
There is a particular memory from my childhood's fondness that has extended to adulthood : balloons.
The idea came to me when I realized I was too slow to paint graffiti on a street wall without getting caught.

If there will be an insurrection, I wish for a happy and joyful one.