75 Tbps of (✿◠ω◠) ︻╦╤─

read as 75 Tbps of cute violence

2020 > ongoing

Twin-project of The Kawayoku Inception

A transmedial project based on a visual research and conceptual analysis of moods, extremist tendencies and cultural online phenomenon astride tenderness and violence, consumerism and performativity, entertainment and depression, militarism and leisure, resulting from the material and immaterial labor linked to the growing production of streaming contents and the consequent distortion of the notion of leisure and fame between adults, young adults and teens,
soaked in an atmosphere of warlike propaganda, politics disorientation and ideological crisis
(and the wealth of having a ultra fast and stable internet connection)

75 Tbps of (✿◠ω◠) ︻╦╤─  it's a multi-layered work

The research span and hybridize subjects and intuitions :
its first level involves an aesthetic investigation through the autopoiesis in memetic micro and macro cultures, started on occasion of the Freeport Laboratory on Meme Manifesto by Clusterduck and it is inspired by the Detective Wall project.

The project tries to envision and interrogate itself on how vulnerability can be exploited to create new futuribile yet undesirable global scenarios and it synthesizes the concept through its second level : a speculative object called Hamaru はまる
that extremises and embodies the result of the whole analysis in an all-in-one hyper-representation.

The Detective Wall

The Detective Wall collects over 800 digital souvenirs from different online communities.

Some of the identified semantic areas included the analysis of wholesome memes aesthetic,
the routine of Tik Tok's unboxing compilations,
a panning shot on the most controversial aspects of streamer and gamer girls,
Kawaii-fication of weapons, hyper-sexualized Internet celebs and
extremist ideologies' commodified fetishim.

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The speculative object


it’s the special guest of 75 Tbps of (✿◠ω◠) ︻╦╤─  

Hamaru - はまる
it's a Japanese slang term meaning "totally absorbed by" or "to be crazy into something"
It's a suitable word to describe when
we unknowingly let time pass by when doing one activity, oblivious to our surroundings.

In between the Belle Delphine's Gamer Girl Bathwater and Tolkien’s Palantir, Hamaru appears as a little aura quartz’s pearl in a handmade luxury velvet box, to be inserted in orifices as an adult toy or administred as a pill.

Its kawaii appearence holds the metaphor of consumerism : kawaii culture it’s a comforting reassuring enviroinment to induced needs and artificial desires,
through the “pale pink totalitarianism” vulnerability becomes a collectible feeling to be merchandized and sexualized bodies are exploited and perceived as decorations.

Despite its super cute jewelry appeal + I-need-to-have-it’s charm, it encloses and synthesizes undesirable future perspectives gathered from the visual research.

Hamaru represents an ultra accelerated IoT device which employs human enhancement technologies such as body-embedded recording features to
broadcast and upload online contents to better “serve” society.

Hamaru is the commodified answer to live videos consumption and production’s rising demand
within a dead-end even tho speculative cultural scenario that promotes warfare’s full gamification,
entertainment and leisure-oriented everyday activities are seamless to (digital) civic duties - whether they be unboxing products’s routine, NSFW live streams, 
remote or live performances in combat zones. 
  In the ultimate unappealing stage private streaming service platforms are converted to institutions and intergovernmental military alliance organizations into gaming competitions and “Just Chatting” talk-shows. 

Hamaru is the Evil, yet its true nature often eludes recognition, ensnaring admirers with its alluring, velvety charm.
A wolf disguised in sheep's clothing, it lures unsuspecting souls into its grasp.

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Many of the textual contents present on Hamaru’s website are the result of an editing of various texts extrapolated from Armed Forces official platforms or
Government-owned corporation such as US Army, Rafael: Dynamic Defense Company, new generation immersive games technologies and consumer-forecasts/predicting-behaviors oriented companies.


Discover Gun Tomodachi

A 60 sec fake ad/mock advertisement designed to disrupt and interrupt (your) lectures, lecture performances, academic presentations, visuals etc.

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How violence is changing its contours and its appearance?
Has it changed shape and the way we perceive it?
How one of the most ancient social condition is evolving?

Probabily in disguise

We’re aware and well-trained to recognize the archetypical representation of violence : war, aggressions, corporal punishments, psychological terrorism, even labour....you name it.

Wheter they be in motion pictures, live streams or real life.

Violence is found from the very beginning and even before the foundation of society, or instead fear of violence is what I believe to be the main reason we gathered in groups to built a social community :
since the early days of history of society we felt the urge to establish a mutual pact to protect each other from someone other's violence, as a menace to freedom and corporal safety.
It's not economical not even cultural, it's factual.

I believe there is one more way to represent and irradiates violence : the one that comes with a pastel pink ribbon on it, with soft whispered words of kindness, promises of pleasure, satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

75 Tbps of (✿◠ω◠) ︻╦╤─  +  Hamaruduring ISIT.EXHI#001 (June 2021)
Spazio In Situ, Rome