Twin-project of 75 Tbps of (✿◠ω◠) ︻╦╤─

Kawayoku is an imperfect lingusitic crasis (fusion of two words) freely taken from Japanese language
Kawaii > cute + Bōryoku > violence
scilicet, the term has no pretense to be linguistically correct, it just sounds nice.

With Kawayoku Inception I intend a new perspective of questioning the way we are used to elaborate violence in the realm of human visual perception.
The environment of such investigation is of course, the internet, a bristly meadow that breeds our digital lives, our atomized lonesome online experiences daily imbibed by incalculable quantities of images we are incessantly, (un)voluntarily over-exposed to.
The KAwayoku in agist

The scale of Abomination

The layers of this unsettling ecosystem, a weird compost of livings in between cute aesthetic and digital war propaganda are accumulating undisturbed, stored/buried under trillions of neurons or terabytes of data collection.

Some contents might simply pass as mere irony, accidental weirdness, usual Internet cringe, or inoffensive isolated cases destined to be forgotten under further layers of convulsive digital image production.

Possibly we cannot conceive violence immune to aesthetical and political implications : what moral effects, visual impact, social consequences can we foresee, forestall or evade facing an underhand pervasive, hyper-sexualized militarization of public, accessible and worldwide popular digital platforms?  

Scattered parts of the Archive

The Kawayoku Inception aims to archive and shape under a new taxonomy contemporary digital elusiveness, multimodal thresholds and "liminal extremism", the ultimate unseizable ghost of pure violence sublimation.

So far the projects developed a visual digital archive of over 27.000 images, videos, screenshots, memes, reels etc. able to trace and give shape to the phenomenon of digital militarism, online platforms’unconventional propaganda strategies entangled with cuteness and hypersexualization.

The archive is the starting point that developed a speculative hybrid laboratory on the contemporary mutation of violence in online visual cultures, that aims to foster radical imagination and critical thinking applied to artistic processing and visual representation offering a combination of investigative and analytic methods for a hands-on experiment with a paradoxical futuristic design.

The Kawayoku Archive visual interface board

At the moment the archive is available for consultation on request
Pls send an inquiry to 75tbps (at) specifying the reason of your interest

The Kawayoku Inception is intended to revolve around and get in touch with
a community of pundits, amateurs, independent researches, artists, students,
anyone down to join this permanent observatory on abomination

Telegram channel and Discord server

In March 2022 my research has been selected to be hosted on Conference, a laboratory 
and become the main theme of the sixth edition of Festival DONE Festival at
Fotocolectania, Barcelona

The 75Tbps laboratory has been hosted during
DONE6 Festival at Fotocolectania, Barcelona, Spain

The laboratory aimed to provide participants with tools to :
• Explore and archive extreme areas of contemporary visual cultures
• Learn documentation tactics of ephemeral digital materials
• Develop critical reflection on new forms of propaganda
• Using found materials for performance or speculative design

The Kawayoku educational tool

The Kawayoku Politigram

The politigram is the result of a grotesque at times disturbingly realistic experimentation of remixing imaginaries that are emerging but reluctant to be filed under our usual taxonomies : on the horizon stands the rise of a new alien planet, whose physical laws alternate tensions between human rights violations and OnlyFans streamers, unboxing and sniping, #pewpew and #militarycurves, war and ahegao.

Annihilation | Salvation | Utopia | Underworld

Every area take inspiration from micro or macro visual culture or spotty news belonging to online popular subcultures.

To name one : top right area "UWU WAR CRIMES" refers to when in 2020 the U.S. Army Esports Twitter had commented UwU 💕 in response to plushies pictures shared by Discord.
UwU is an emoticon indicating cuteness, used since 2005 mostly amongst anime fandom forums.

"This (episode) marked the start of an onslaught against the Army group, which for some, occupies a morally gray area because it is seen as a method to recruit gamers for war through video games and cutesy internet speak. One top response to the Tweet, for instance, reads, “uwu pwease enwist and commit waw cwimes uwu.”

This way of typing emulates how cute female anime characters spell words.

"Since then, folks have started to try and speedrun how fast they can get banned from the Discord, in a troll-ish attempt to protest its existence and recruitment efforts. The most popular method, as showcased by Twitter user @Aurum_Corpus, involves linking the Wikipedia page for war crimes committed by the United States" *

To remember that since 17th November 2020 U.S. Army Esports Discord server is open only to :
Active Duty, National Guard Reserve, Veterans, DOD and DA civilians, Contractors.

The moderators thus justified the limitation in participation to their server : "We apologize for the inconvenience, but this is a necessity to provide a healthy and meaningful gaming community to our service members".

*From "The US Army is losing the war in Discord" by P. Hernandez on Polygon, July 2020

On 15/2/2022 The Kawayoku Political Compass
has been featured on platform

The research and further theoretical development are due to be featured
on Futuress platform on September 2022