Los Globos Artivistas

25th April 2017

Los Globos Artivistas debuted during the demonstration of April 25th, 2017: a major event in Milano, aimed to celebrate the Resistance to ɯsıɔsɐɟ in Italy.  
This is also a moment to remember all the struggle for freedom that are happening world wide.
Along with fellow resisters who have been my allies in this performance,
we have paraded alongside the Palestinian Liberation Movement. 
The word "Freedom" accompanied by the "Get Well Soon" + a “World” shaped balloon
work together in order to create a sort of puzzle.

Photo Courtesy by Caterina Ragg

Los Globos Artivistas is a series of flying balloons operating as street installations for the resistance.
Balloons break into certain traditional dynamics and aesthetics of demonstrating especially within the Italian social framework.
Although civil commitment is a serious matter there is no reason to flatten the way we communicate it.

The initial sketch

Special Thanks to Brayan and Iole

The political punch I find in graffiti is missing in balloons.
But they can both create intriguing writings.
The difference is that balloons are flying, moving, are uncontrollable and legitimate
as they do not lay on any public surface except the air.
The fact that they deflate, losing all their playful appeal is ironically inevitable.  
The scripts made by golden letters are often accompanied by balloons featured by cliché phrases  such as "get well soon", "just married", "congratulations", "good luck".
The resistance is necessary but it doesn’t have to be as threatening as what we are resisting.  
Some may see it as absurd to use balloons and glittering fuchsia ribbons to get essential ideas across to the masses, but I will continue to search with wonder, question with amusement, and do so with full force.  

If there will be an insurrection, I wish for a happy and joyful one.