2017 - 2019

translated into The Artivist Balloons (neologism that combines the words Art + Activism)

Birthdays, anniversaries, recurrential celebrations or reaching-a-particular-age parties are frivolous, highly conventional occasions, yet in these unsuspected events - bordering on conformity, lays the highest potential of a community spirit, what in Arabic is called Asabiyyah [عصبية (togertheness)] a sort of collective sentimental extension to in which individual consciences participate but vibrate in unison to reach a shared atmosphere of lightness and presence.

Los Globos Artivistas makes use of the language of the celebration, the temporary suspension of everyday life that the party imposes, the micro glitch of habits,
to instill the spirit that I hope we will be able to fish out, re-evaluate, to apply it in other aspects of our lives.

Los Globos Artivistas
A series of flying balloons operating as street installations for resistance

World Freedom Get Well Soon
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Happy Rebellion
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Palestina in Ognuno di Noi
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Happy Birthday Edwad Said
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Los Globos Artivistas aims to disrupt public spaces,
re-invent new forms of protesting,
inspire a sense of curiosity, unhinge conventions
through the language of celebration and party merged with a political punch.
It’s a performative project in constant movement,
the installations are oftenly hand carried by groups of people during major social events in town
like demonstrations and cultural public venues.

The Los Globos actions has been collected in the compilation published by Homie House Press
BUNCH | ﻋﺼﺒﻴـة 

Soft Cover, saddle stitch staple

8 x 10 inches / 20 x 25.4 cm 

72 pages, 34 fotos, 10 illustrations

The first action World Freedons Get Well Soon
has been documented in a current sold-out zine
“Los Globos Artivistas”
published by Homie House Press ( US / ITA )

Here to the digital copy

The 1st Edition of
Los Globos Artivistas

is part of the permanent collection at
The Library of Congress in Washington DC
Los Globos Artivistas has been exhibited during
The Shadow Means It’s Real

at the Stevenson University - School of Design Gallery

Owings Mills, MD, USA

01.28.19     /     04.02.19

If there will be an insurrection, I wish for a festive one