ARTIVISM: The Art of Subverting Power

June 23-25, 2023

Disrutpion Network Lab e.V. Berlin

Violence & Visibility in Computational Regimes
24- 25 March 2023
John Cabot University |  Rome

Organized by the Department of Communications and Media Studies, John Cabot University
in collaboration with Duke University and The Institute of Network Cultures


Triennale Show | Radio Raheem

Artist Talk
Parole in pubblico | Diversificare la narrazione #1 | Linguaggio

9th March 2022
Piccolo Teatro Chiostro Nina Vinchi, Milan

Artist Talk
Dalla cruna di un aggettivo declinazione di razzializzato per un’artista
14th June 2022
Mudec Auditorium, Milan

Artist Talk
On 75 Tbps of (✿◠ω◠) ︻╦╤─
DONE6 Annual Conference

17th - 18th March 2022
Foto Colectania, Barcelona

 Podcast on Radio Alhara
Sounds of Exile c/o Acousmatics


Group Exhibition



The advent of information technologies, climate change and social revolutions lead to a series of speculations about our common destiny. Contemporary artists anticipate the human of the future; they think about their environment, their ability  to adapt, their mental health, their way of communicating, of consuming, of relating to others.

Place Ville Marie, Montréal

April 28th - September 16th 2023

Subverting online violence on the threshold of cuteness
A workshop about the 75 Tbps of Kawayoku archive and ongoing research

transmediale festival
3rd February 2023
Akademie der Künste, Berlin

Experimental Laboratory

Sensulia | Laboratorio Sperimentale di Onomaturgia Sensoriale

A series of workshop aimed to coin new terms (neologisms) to describe our senses and the experiences that connect us to them.

17th - 18th December 2022

Kin Lab | Milan


Dutch Art Insititute
28 August 2022

Council#4: A Blues for the Tired, Salty, Essential Worker

Archive Site at Zero Gallery
Via Carlo Boncompagni 44, Milan

Artist Talk

75 Tbps of (✿◠ω◠) ︻╦╤─

DONE6 Annual Conference
17th - 18th March 2022
Foto Colectania, Barcelona, Spain


Archiving tenderness and violence
across online visual cultures
A 5-session laboratory on 75 Tbps archive and its methodologies, open to artists, students, activists and researchers. Feb - March 2022

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Public Installation on billboard

OPERA VIVA curated by Flashback

Trionfo di Bacco e Arianna

2nd - 27th September 2020
Piazza Bottesini, Barriera di Milano district
Turin, Italy

More info + Special Project
Opening Event - Live

Collective Exhibition

Noura Tafeche took part with
Each Reality is an Archipelago video project
13th Sept - 31 Oct 2019 
Bowie State University - Fine And Performing Arts Centre
Bowie, MD, USA

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Site Specific Installation

Voices&Borders @ Fondazione Feltrinelli
Site Specific Installation by Noura Tafeche

3 - 6 July 2019 -  Fondazione Feltrinelli
Viale Pasubio 5, Milan, Italy

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Artist Talk

Capitalism is not your friend, Little John Bundle Release
- curated by Parco di Yellowstone

Noura Tafeche talks about her Work, Anticapitalism, Culture Jamming, Meme Culture and “Il lavoro é furto di #tempo”
(Working is a theft of #time)

21 June 2019 -  Parco Gallery (formerly Belli), via Cassala 9, Milan, Italy

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Collective Exhibition

The Shadow Means It’s Real -  curated by Homie House Press (US/ITA)

Noura Tafeche took part with
Los Globos Artivistas project

28 Jan –2 Apr 2019 / Stevenson University / School of Design Gallery, Baltimore, MD, USA

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Artist Talk with Students
+ Panel Discussion

Collaborative Publishing as Radical Art

Noura Tafeche takes part with Los Globos Artivistas project

28 Feb 2019 / Stevenson Univesity / School of Design Gallery, Baltimore, MD, USA

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Collective Exhibition

The Habkeh Project - Street Museum in Palestine, Bringing Culture and Art to the streets of West Bank and Gaza Strip

28 Nov 2018 –13 Jan 2019 /
Itinerant Street Museum in Nablus, Gaza, Jerusalem and Hebron, Palestine
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Artist Talk

Fare breccia | Dire fare disfare il confine

hosted by Codici Ricerche

Noura Tafeche took part speaking about the value of transcultural and public art within international political changes and civil rights movements.

12th July  2018 / Summer School in Berceto, Parma, Italy
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When I was younger and punker

Micro Regali di Strada - created and conducted by Noura Tafeche
Public performance of Radical Tenderness
8 June 2019 - Layers Festival @ Rob de Matt, via Butti 18, Milan, Italy
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Party + Installation
Verzura - Mimetismo Tropicale

7 Apr - 1 Jul 2019 /  NùN - Taste of Middle East Via Spallanzani 36, Milan, Italy
Vernissage - 7 Apr 2019 - Verzura Party
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Collective Exhibition
Aspirina la Rivista - Mostra per i 30 anni
25 May 2018 / Piano Terra – Via F. Confalonieri 3,  Milan, Italy
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Solo Exhibition
Ramé - Noura Tafeche
5 Feb –  24 Mar 2018 / Colibri  – Via Laghetto 9/11 , Milan, Italy
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𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕀𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕟𝕖𝕥 𝕐𝕒𝕞𝕚-𝕀𝕔𝕙𝕚 @ℬℴ𝓁ℴℊ𝓃𝒶, ℐ𝓉𝒶𝓁𝓎

9th November 2019
Das - Dispositivo Arti Sperimentali– Via del Porto 11/2, Bologna, Italy

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Layers Festival

8 – 9 June 2019 / Rob de Matt – Via Butti 18, Milan, Italy
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Gomma - Piccolo e Gioioso Festival di Illustrazione

9 September 2018 / Rob de Matt – Via Butti 18, Milan, Italy
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ZUMA Festival

1 – 3 June 2018 / CasciNet – Via Cavriana 38, Milan, Italy
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Un Giorno, Un Festival
19 May 2018 / Giardini in Transito – Giardino Comunitario Lea Garofalo,  Milan, Italy
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AFA Festival - Autoproduzioni Fichissime Anderground

4– 6 May 2018 / Leoncavallo Spazio Pubblico Autogestito – Via Watteau 7, Milan, Italy
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𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕀𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕟𝕖𝕥 𝕐𝕒𝕞𝕚-𝕀𝕔𝕙𝕚 @ The Influencers
26 – 28 October 2017
CCCB – Carrer de Montalegre 5, Barcelona, Spain
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